The garden in spring

Terrific tulips in East Court

With spring comes longer and brighter days and it means the garden is starting to come into its own after winter, with bulbs emerging and colour appearing once more.

Spring time at Montacute House means tulips.  3900 bulbs were planted over the winter, most of them being different mixes of tulips.  As you come through the gates and pass South Lodge, you will be greeted by groups of tulips called ‘warm welcome’ and others called ‘palette of spring’ as you head through the visitor reception area.  You will then find them throughout the garden: underneath the cut leaf beech tree, in pots and planters in the Café Courtyard and a vast array in the established East Court garden borders.

It’s always difficult to predict exactly when the tulips will emerge, it can be anywhere from early to late spring, although given the milder winter it is more likely to be earlier this year.  Once they do start flowering, the fabulous display normally lasts for about four weeks.

As well as a multitude of colourful bulbs, you might also catch glimpses of the gardening team hard at work.  Their list of jobs at this time of year includes seed sowing in the cut flower border and East Court, and spring turf maintenance.  They’ll also be installing metal edging around the Cedar lawn to keep the lawn looking straight and true.

The garden is open every day from 10am till 4pm till 3 March, after which it is open every day from 10am till 5pm