An abundance of flowers

Spring time display of tulips in East Court at Montacute House

Spring is in the air at Montacute and the gardeners are getting excited about the flowers that are emerging.

9735 bulbs were planted in the autumn, 2400 of them being tulips.  You will find them throughout the garden: in the established East Court borders, the cut flower border and in the Courtyard Café. There are also 3200 muscari (grape hyacinths) and 1000 camasia, which have been planted in the Rose Border in North Garden.  Both of these bulbs produce blue flowers so should look quite striking coming up through the white daffodils.

When the tulips will arrive is always difficult to predict, sometimes it is early spring and sometimes it is late spring.  This year they started emerging properly at the very beginning of April.  They are normally flowering for about four weeks, so there is plenty of time to catch them.  Tulips are seen to the greatest advantage in the morning or later in the afternoon, when the sunlight hits them at just the right angle to make them look as though they are lit from within.

As well as the glorious flower bulbs, spring is a good time to see the wibbly wobbly hedges looking trim and neat.  They are pruned over the autumn and winter and haven’t yet sprung into full growth, so the changing spring weather can produce some stunning scenes of sunlight and shadows.

The garden is open Monday to Sunday, from 10am till 5pm.  You will find more information under the prices and opening times section of the website.