Autumn adventures at Montacute House

Children playing on a swing

With the trees turning orange and yellow and the leaves failing to the ground, it's a great time to step outside of the garden and go for a walk.

The parkland is easily accessible from the car park or gardens, and the long avenues of ash and lime trees turning orange and yellow make it an ideal spot for an autumn ramble.  Keep an eye out for the many veteran trees, including oaks and sweet chestnet.

There are acres to explore.  You may find yourslef down by the mill copse, where the stream still flows down the steps of the old water mill, or near the swings, where the young, and young at heart, might like to have a go.

For simple strolls, there is a circular walk called Ladies Walk, that leads you back down through the village past the Abbey Gatehouse, dovecote and medieval fishpond.

If you perfer a greater walking challenge, St Michaels Hill, will get you warmed up.  It's a steep hill, but is worth the effort, as you get to explore the 18th century watch tower at the top and enjoy the panaramic views of Somerset.  It's also quite an important hill in many ways, once being the site of a Norman castle and it's where the village of Montacute got its name, as it translates from the Latin "Mons Acutus", meaning pointed hill.