Get ready for spring this half term

Make a bird box at Montacute House

Make your own bird box and sow a sunflower seed – it's time to get ready for spring

Grow your own edible flower – Wednesday 19 February

Join the gardening team to make your own eco pot from newspaper, and chose either a sunflower or nasturtium to plant then take home.

Nasturtium flowers are edible, so you can pop them on your salad in the summer; and the birds will love the seeds from your sunflower – cut the head off, hang it up in the garden, and the birds will have a feast!

Head down to the Old Stables between 10am and 3pm (£1 each).

Make a bird box – Thursday 20 February

Get out and find the ranger team (just ask at reception if you can't see them), who will help you make a bird box to take home. Mark and Sam will be supplying all the materials (charges apply). With natural nest sites declining, it's a great way to help birds raise a brood of young in the spring.

Play the day away

You'll also find games to play in the Old Stables, from building blocks and shields to design your own coat of arms. 

A breath of fresh air

If you’re looking for a place to simply run free and search for the signs of spring, then head out into the parkland. There are hidden delights to discover, like the waterfall down at Mill Copse. 

The nearby St Michael’s Hill poses a greater climbing challenge. It’s steep, but worth the effort as you get to explore the 18th century watch tower at the top and enjoy the panoramic views of Somerset.

Remember, it may be muddy underfoot, so wear your waterproofs and wellies. Stop by reception and ask the team for directions if you need any.

The Courtyard Café is always a welcome retreat for lunch and cakes if you need to refuel after all your activity.