'Travel to 2050' at Montacute House

The 'Travel to 2050' installation

As a conservation charity, we’re all too aware that climate change is hotting up, and with electricity needs set to double by 2050, Britain is under pressure to upgrade its energy system to cope with increasing demand and distribute energy more efficiently.

That’s why the National Trust has pledged to reduce its energy use by 15% by 2021, and we’re striving towards generating 50% of our energy from renewable sources, also by 2021.

At Montacute House new, more energy efficient heating systems have been installed in the offices and when the time came to replace equipment in the café kitchens, energy efficient, eco ovens and hobs were chosen.

We’re also delighted to be working with a new partner, Smart Energy GB, the campaign for a smarter Britain, to help us achieve our goals and inspire our supporters and visitors to learn more about the role they can play at home.

'Travel to 2050' with Smart Energy GB
'Travel to 2050' with Smart Energy GB
'Travel to 2050' with Smart Energy GB

The National Trust have installed smart meters at hundreds of the places we care for, and we’re working to add more. After all, it’s much easier to improve efficiency if you know how much energy you’re using. Smart meters help by measuring how much energy is being used at different times of day, and how much it costs.

They can’t solve climate change on their own, but with the smarter, more efficient energy system they create, they make a good start!

On Mondays – Fridays, from 14 October to 1 November, you can catch the 'Travel to 2050' experience at Montacute House – a high-tech installation designed to show what a low-carbon, energy efficient future might look like 30 years from now. Join us to learn about the benefits of smart meters, and the small steps we can all take to make sure special places stay around for ever, for everyone.