Harvesting traditional fruits at Moseley Old Hall

Apple trees in the Orchard in August at Moseley Old Hall, Staffordshire.

Cats head is just one of the many species of traditional apple varieties which are found in the orchard. Recreated with 17th-century traditional species of apples and pears, we use the fruit in the tea-room and in our jams and chutneys. We also harvest plums and damsons from our hedgerows.

Local fruits

Another local variety which is sadly becoming rare is the Tettenhall Dick which produces a small dry pear and dates from before the 18th century.
There is local saying ‘Tettenhall Dicks are as hard as bricks’. Outside of the Midlands, these pears are known as Perry pears.

Further afield

There are also traditional varieties from Norfolk, the ‘Norfolk Beefing’ was used in Victorian times for making ‘Biffin Cakes’.
From France, there are the Pendyu Plat, Nonpareil apple and Devonshire Quarendon, which, despite its name, did originate in France

Sit back

Of course, the best use of the orchard is to sit in the shade of the trees and simply relax.