Spring Conservation at Mr Straw's House

Conservation at Mr Straws House

Everything has been cleaned and inspected, floors waxed, drawers carefully unpacked and re-wrapped, and every inch of the more cluttered parts of the house have been carefully cleaned and investigated for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

 Although the main deep clean takes place over four months when the property is closed from November to March our conservation work doesn't just stop then. During the main season, the work contines.

Every day the property is cleaned, and the visitor route inspected to ensure that we are continuing to care for the property and our unique collection; even down to the weekly watering of the toilet.

This year the team are also working out of the Conservation Studio; photographing, cleaning and inspecting items from within the property. Currently we are working on the dressing table in the Parents Bedroom. Clothing, textiles, archival matering, newspapers and diaries are recorded and assessed before going back into their own home. When you're visiting do as the team about what they are up too.

Also undergoing a transformation are our gardens and orchard as we tame the winter growth and tidy up the drifts of leaves in readiness for the rest of the season.  The spring growth will be particularly welcome this year as it breathes new life into our outdoor spaces, and hopefully fills out a few of our hedges, drastically pruned to return the property to the orderly state Mr Straw would have kept it in.