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Street view of Mr Straw's House, Nottinghamshire
Street view of Mr Straw's House | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey
Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire

Worksop walk from Mr Straw's House

The Straw Family were heavily involved in the local community and the town. Every Sunday the brothers, William Jr and Walter took a turn through this market town, to check on the places they owned, the business and to get a bit of fresh air. Take a walk in their footsteps and discover some of the fascinating history of this small town.

Total steps: 14

Total steps: 14

Start point

Mr Straw's House, 5–7 Blyth Grove, Worksop S81 0JG. Grid ref: SK589802

Step 1

With your back to Mr Straw's House turn right, head down Blyth Grove and turn left at the bottom onto Blyth Road. Continue along the road, crossing the end of Shepherd's Avenue and coming to a halt opposite North Nottinghamshire College.

Step 2

Continue down the road, keeping left at the bottom and pausing by the fenced patch of open ground. Continue round to the left and head downhill on Carlton Road. You'll see the train station on the right-hand side. Cross over the road and you'll be in a good position to view the station.

Step 3

Cross the railway tracks and continue down the hill into town. On your right-hand side you'll see a road called Overend Road – turn down it. On the left-hand side and towards the bottom of the road you'll see a gap through the buildings that offers a good view of St John's Church. Continue to the bottom of the road, turn left onto Gateford Road and you'll find yourself in front of the church.

Step 4

Continuing along with St John's on your left-hand side, follow the road into town. Pause when you get to the end of the road and you should find yourself on a triangular section with a large tree.

Step 5

You'll now be at Victoria Square. Originally called Common End, the Square was later renamed for the Queen's Jubilee in 1887.

Step 6

Continue along the pavement, cross over at the lights, passing the Golden Ball on your right. Cross over the canal. Ahead you should see the pedestrian zone – this is the beginning of Bridge Street. Cross the small road that curves around in front of you and head up the pedestrian zone.

Step 7

Continue up Bridge Street until the pedestrian zone is bisected by the road. On your right you should see Barclays Bank and a clock. Cross the road and turn around to face the way you came, looking towards the bank. Turn around and with your back to Barclays continue up the hill to the top, where the pedestrian zone ends. Cross the road and stand on the open paved area, the place where the shop of Mr Winks the butcher once stood. You've arrived at the edge of what was once Market Place, the spot to see and be seen, surrounded by interesting buildings.

Step 8

Turn around and look back towards the pedestrian zone. On the left-hand side of it you should see the Lion Hotel. Look along the rows of shops to the left of the Lion Hotel and pause when you spot Piccolo Espresso Bar.

Step 9

Turn around until your back is to the Straws' old shop. You're now facing the Corn Exchange. Turn away from the Savoy cinema, and walk towards the left-hand corner of the corn exchange. Turn right onto Potter Street, walk past the French Horn pub and continue on until you reach The Priory Gatehouse on left-hand side.

Step 10

If you fancy a stroll over to the graves then head to the left of the priory main entrance and you'll see a wall with small windows in it. Head through the gateway in the wall and continue going straight ahead until you reach the wall on the far side of the graveyard. When you reach the wall follow it along to the right and you'll reach the Straws' graves, located in a secluded spot on the boundary. Return across the graveyard and back out the small gateway. Ahead of you and slightly to the right you'll see a park – cross the road and head through the gates. Continue along and almost immediately on your left you'll see a paved garden area with rose bushes and the remains of a mill.

Step 11

Keeping the old mill on your left continue along the path that follows the course of the water that once powered it. On the opposite bank you can see the rear of the old library.

Step 12

Continue along the path and follow it as it bears slightly to the right and crosses a small bridge. Continue along this road a short way until you see the old gas works ahead of you.

Step 13

Follow the curve of the Fishermans Arms round to the left and continue along Church Walk. This will take you back towards Cuckoo Wharf. Cross onto the right side of the road. At the junction turn right and follow the pavement across in front of Matalan. Victoria Square will now be on your left. Cross over at the lights and make your way uphill on the road that runs up the right-hand side of Victoria Square, Carlton Road, back in the direction of Mr Straw's House.

Step 14

Continue up Carlton Road and you'll see another tiled pub called The Vine and the building that used to be the cinema, both on the left-hand side of the road. There are also nice examples of Worksop's terraced housing. Make your way up past the railway station and bear right at the traffic lights, following the road up past the end of Shepherd's Avenue. You'll now be retracing your steps from earlier and should see Blyth Grove appear on your right. Continue back to Mr Straw's House, and take some time to look inside, if you haven't already. Booking is required to visit the house.

End point

Mr Straw's House, 5–7 Blyth Grove, Worksop S81 0JG. Grid ref: SK589802

Trail map

Map of the Worksop walk from Mr Straw's House
Map of the Worksop walk from Mr Straw's House | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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