Activities for kids at Murlough Nature Reserve

For families with young children looking for fun things to do, Murlough National Nature Reserve is a must. As well as playing with buckets and spades, building sandcastles and burying dad in the sand, kids can now take advantage of our new activity tracker packs.

Murlough reserve birds

A guide to help you identify some of the common birds on the reserve.

Plant spotter guide

Take our plant spotter along when you visit, we have plants for all seasons.

50 things to do

An outdoor adventure is always around the next tree or sand dune at Murlough. Our list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ will set you on your own adventure here. Hunt for treasure on the beach, find your way with a map and compass, or go bird watching.

Kids activity leaflet

Our activity sheets are aimed at enhancing young minds while they enjoy the different aspects of the Nature Reserve. Why not collect one from one of our visitor reception points or download a copy before you set off.


Winter wild fowl spotter

Check out our winter wild fowl spotter and take along on your next visit. How many birds did you see!