Education and learning in Foxbury

Two children hunting for bugs at Foxbury, Hampshire

Foxbury gives students an opportunity to be involved in a unique heathland restoration project.

Our long-term heathland restoration processes, diverse management strategies and improved facilities within the site make Foxbury the perfect place for educational field study.

A fascinating landscape comprising of heathland, woodland, wetland, ponds and scrub make it an exciting prospect for schools to run self-led biological, environmental and landscape studies.

Get stuck in and build a den
Young boy building a den in the woods in the New Forest, Hampshire
Get stuck in and build a den

We also have a base camp where younger children can go den building, bug hunting and participate in other 50 things activities.

Foxbury's facilities include a car park, large timber cabin and compost toilet, so we're well equipped to accommodate and facilitate field and classroom study.

These cabins take pride of place at Foxbury's base camp
The new cabins at Foxbury, New Forest, Hampshire
These cabins take pride of place at Foxbury's base camp

We are also working on producing an education pack for school visits, focused on biological/environmental field study of our re-establishing lowland heathland habitats.

All data recorded by students will be useful to us by helping us to monitor the quality of our heathland restoration project.

National Trust educational membership must be purchased before schools can use the site.
All enquiries must be made by email or call 01425650035.