Things to see and do at Foxbury

Horse and rider cantering across the forest, Hampshire

Foxbury is a 150 hectare site of dry and wet heathland, ponds and woodland. It's open for special events only, from 'wild' play days to guided walks.

Acquired in 2005 through Grantscape funding, the site is gradually being restored to its natural state of lowland heathland and native broad-leafed woodland habitats, after years as a commercial conifer plantation.

The site is also part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project called ‘Our Past, Our Future’, which is funding tree planting and helping to build new infrastructure within Foxbury that facilitates educational and recreational activities.

Special events range from 'wild' play days to ranger-led bird walks, all with the aim of helping visitors get closer to nature.

Visiting Foxbury

With miles of wide, all-weather gravel tracks, Foxbury is a safe environment to explore and enjoy with the family. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and connect with nature.

Get outdoors and closer to nature
Children building a den in the New Forest in Hampshire
Get outdoors and closer to nature

Our events include open days for horse riders and ranger-led guided walks.

Foxbury has a 'base camp', perfect for younger children who can go den building, bug hunting and participate in some '50 things to do before you're 11 ¾' activities. Foxbury hosts a monthly Forest School and holds seasonal 'wild' play days.

What's on at Foxbury

Volunteers planting trees at Foxbury, New Forest, Hampshire

What's on at Foxbury

Take part in an outdoor adventure or get involved in our huge, ongoing restoration project.

Hiring Foxbury

Alternatively Foxbury can be hired out – please contact us if you would like to use Foxbury for recreational purposes. All enquiries must be by email or call us on 01425 650035.