Northey Island

A barge sails down the Blackwater Estuary, as seen from Northey Island
The brown sign marking the site of the Battle of Maldon in 991

Things to see and do at Northey Island 

Having arranged access, cross the causeway to the island at low tide (or arrive by boat at high tide) and discover the oldest battlefield in Britain. Listen to the bird calls and savour the sense of solitude.

View of beech trees at Frithsden beeches with a broken pollarded beech branch in the foreground

High winds in the Essex countryside 

During the winter months when we see more high winds and storm events we ask that you walk in the open spaces away from the trees.

Northey Island

What's on 

View of the causeway across the Blackwater Estuary to Northey Island, Maldon, Essex, at low tide.

What's on at Northey Island 

Join us on Northey Island for our Castaway event, which returns in 2020. A weekend of camping in the summer to experience this wild Essex island.

Upcoming events

Sorry, there are no upcoming events at this place.

Northey Island

Our work

A woman wearing an orange jacket and sound boom leans over some sea foam on the beach at low tide

Sounding Coastal Change at Castaway 

Coastal change has been ever present in the lives of coastal communities, but it presents many new challenges for us today.


Northey Island - planning for the long term on the coast

Northey Island may be the site of the oldest recorded battlefield in Britain, but today it's also an internationally important haven for birds. As we face the challenges ahead with sea-level rise and climate change, your support is helping us to plan for the future.