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Plan your visit to Northey Island

A view along the coastline of Northey Island, Essex
A view along the coastline of Northey Island | © National Trust Images/James Dobson

Northey Island is a remote island in the Blackwater Estuary, once a Viking battlefield but now a peaceful haven for wildlife. Here, we round up the things you can see and do while you're there.

Northey Island is a remote and exposed coastal site accessed via a tidal causeway, so extra attention is needed when planning your visit. Please check local tide times for Maldon. The causeway is covered approximately 3 hours either side of high tide and there is no safe access during this time. Extra caution is required during spring tides or stormy conditions when the tides can come in more quickly. Under no circumstances attempt to cross the causeway if it is covered and allow plenty of time to get across.

There is no visitor access to the house and gardens. Visitors must not walk onto the saltmarsh or mudflats. This is a tidal area with many unseen hazards and can be dangerous.

Further information to help you plan a safe visit please email

Parking and facilities

The closest car park to the causeway is in Promenade Park, Maldon. This is not run by the National Trust, so charges apply.

Visiting Northey Island with your dog

The island is home to an abundance of wildlife, some of which is sensitive to noise and disturbance, so please keep your dog on a lead or under close control throughout your visit, and pick up any poo.

Between 1 April and 31 July we ask you to always keep your dog on a short lead of no more than 2 metres to help protect ground-nesting birds.

There's also a lovely walk you can do with your four-legged friend along the Blackwater Estuary sea wall. If you park in Maldon's Promenade Park, you can walk from there.

It takes between 20 and 30 minutes to walk from Promenade Park along the sea wall to the causeway. There are some interesting views along the way, including wrecked barges and abundant birdlife. You can also walk along the sea wall in Promenade Park to the statue of Byrhtnoth, and look across to Northey Island from there.

Please note that there are no facilities on Northey Island, so make sure you visit the toilet and buy any provisions you need while you're in Maldon.

View of the causeway across the Blackwater Estuary to Northey Island, Maldon, Essex, at low tide.
View of the causeway across the Blackwater Estuary to Northey Island | © National Trust Images/Tudor Morgan-Owen

Things to look out for on the mainland

  • Byrhtnoth's statue in Promenade Park – What3Words location: propose.segmented.reminds
  • Promenade Coastal Hub – What3Words location: mysteries.eternally.softly

Things to see on the island

  • View across the estuary to Maldon and Heybridge – What3Words location: clasping.fight.saying
  • View of the Mistley barge wreck and oyster beds – What3Words location:
  • View of Northey House – What3Words location: dodging.menswear.kiosk
  • View across the saltmarsh to Osea Island – What3Words location: pegs.expensive.scare

Family activities

Park at Promenade Park and enjoy the splash park (open during the summer months), or walk to Byrhtnoth’s statue, which looks out towards Northey Island.

Please be aware that, although the walks here are relatively flat, some parts are over rough ground.

Food and drink

You're welcome to take a picnic onto the island, but for the safety of the wildlife, please take your rubbish away with you (there are no bins). There are also food outlets and a drinking fountain at Promenade Park.

A view across the salt-marsh at Northey Island, Essex

Discover more at Northey Island

Find out how to get to Northey Island, where to park, things to see and do and more.

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