Plan your visit to Northey Island

Northey Island on the Essex Coast

Never visited Northey Island before? Here's a few suggestions of things you might like to consider before you visit, as well as what you might like to see and do while you're here. Whether you've got an hour, half a day or a whole day for a leisurely explore - you'll need to pre-book your visit in advance.

If you're planning a visit to Northey Island there are a few things to consider so you can make the most of time with us...

Northey Island is accessed by a tidal causeway which means you can only get across when the tide is out. Due to the nature of the tides in the Blackwater, we ask that you arrange your visit to the island by emailing ahead in advance to book your visit. That way we can find a date when the tide is down and there is someone available if you need assistance. 

However, if you don't want to go onto the island and just want to take in the great views, then see below for more ideas.

Whatever you decide to do, if you want to park your car in the closest car park, you'll need to head to Promenade Park in Maldon which is not National Trust, so parking charges apply to all.

Here's a map to help you orientate yourselves:

Northey Island parking and access map

Make your first stop the facilities at Promenade Park

There are no facilities on the island, so please make sure you visit the toilets and shop for provisions first. Then you can head out to the island ready for anything!

Got an hour and the tide's up?

It takes between 20-30 minutes to walk from Promenade Park along the sea wall to Northey Island's causeway. There are some interesting views along the way of wrecked barges and the birdlife is wonderful to see. When the tide is up, look across the fields and keep your ear out for the brent geese from October throughout the winter.

If you're interested in the history of the area, you can walk along the sea wall in Promenade Park to the statue of Byrhtnoth and look across to Northey Island. If you'd like to find out more about the Battle of Maldon in 991AD and why Byrhtnoth has a statue, listen to this podcast.

Spending half the day?

If you've got half a day, we'd recommend arranging your visit in advance via email. This way you can find a date when the tide is down to wander along the coastal path from Promenade Park, cross the causeway and listen to the gentle popping of the estuarine mud. You can then go on the circular walk around the island, taking in all the views and the see the Thames Barge wrecks, oyster beds and revel in the glorious colours of the saltmarsh through the seasons. If you want to bring a picnic and enjoy it on your way round, away from the crowds, please remember to take all your rubbish home with you and leave no trace behind you. 

Got the whole day to explore?

If you've got the whole day, you might want to consider exploring Promenade Park and Northey Island. There are plenty of places to eat in Maldon and a number of pubs on Hythe Quay, which is nearby. Seeing the island from different viewpoints from the mainland and then looking back while you are on the island circular walk is a great way to understand this part of the Blackwater. 

You'll still need to book your visit to Northey Island in advance via email

Locations you may wish to visit...

On the mainland: 

  • Earl Bryhtnoth's statue and view of the island from the mainland in Promenade Park - What3Words location: propose.segmented.reminds
  • Promenade Coastal Hub and discover more about the Blackwater estuary - What3Words location: mysteries.eternally.softly
  • The registered battlefield site (unmarked on site) - What3Words location: darts.diplomat.retaliate
  • The causeway - What3Words location: daunted.recur.racks

On the island:

  • The bench with a view across the estuary to Maldon and Heybridge - What3Words location: clasping.fight.saying
  • View of the Mistley barge wreck and Oyster beds - What3Words location:
  • View of Northey House - What3Words location: dodging.menswear.kiosk
  • View of Osea Island across the saltmarsh  - What3Words location: pegs.expensive.scare


Planning a family day out to Northey Island?

Join us on Northey island and escape into wild Essex. Your family will need to be able to cope with a walk over relatively flat and rough ground, but we wouldn’t advise this walk for buggies. Why not make a day of it? Park at Promenade Park and enjoy the splash park in the summer or a walk to Bryhtnoth’s statue looking out towards Northey, then, having booked your access to the island, head along the coastal path to the island causeway. You might also like to download the What3Words App to aid you in finding some of our suggested locations, but also if you get lost or stuck and you need to share your location with us or the coast guard.

Northey Island access statement Download here

Food and drink

You are welcome to bring a picnic onto the island to enjoy picnicking in the wild, but we operate a ‘leave no trace’ policy, so please take what you bring on to the island away with you as there are no bins on site for the safety of the wildlife. There is a drinking fountain and other food and ice cream shops at Promenade Park 


The island is a habitat for an abundance of wildlife, some of which is sensitive to noise and disturbance. Please keep your dog on a lead or under close control throughout your visit to the island. There is also a lovely walk for you to enjoy with your four-legged friend along the Blackwater Estuary sea wall nearby. If you park in Maldon's Promenade Park you can walk from there.