Car club visits at Nuffield Place

Line of different coloured triumph stags outside Nuffield Place

Throughout the year Nuffield Place gets a number of different car clubs that visit to display their motors, in front of the house of William Morris, who made a vast contribution to the motoring industry. Find out what you could expect to see over the coming months at Nuffield Place.

The following groups and clubs will be visiting:

Mon 26 Feb - Cowley Built Cars

Sun 15 April - Morris Minor Dorset Branch

Sun 22 April - Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

Mon 11 June - Belgium MG Club

Sun 15 July - Thames Valley Mini Cooper

Sun 29 July - Oxford BMW Motorcycles

Sun 19 Aug - Arden MG Club

Sun 16 Sept - Austin A40 Club

Sat 22 Sept - MGA Register

Sun 23 Sept - Morris Minor Owners Club

Information about their visits

A maximum of 12 motors will be parked outside the front of the house. Any more than this will then be parked in the normal visitor car park.

The car clubs usually arrive around the opening time of 11am, and stay for the morning.

Depending on weather, and mechanical failures, there may be times when cars are not able to be displayed as anticipated. Additions and subtractions will be made throughout the year, so keep looking back for an updated list of car club visits.