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Anglia Mist Promotion Orford Ness

Anglian Mist is a fictional telling of events that occurred on Orford Ness during the Cold War. It is a story of love, lies and betrayal set against the background of the top secret research happening at that time.

It is now possible to book to see this intriguing play. See the What's on Page.

Hidden secrets, dark conspiracies counter-intelligence and spies are the order of the day for “Anglian Mist” - Stuff of Dreams’ 2017 production.

A notable author and historian who specialises in Ufology and conspiracy theories begins his lecture on the Rendlesham Forest Incident. He is somewhat taken aback when an elderly lady in the audience stands up and publicly takes exception to his claims regarding the true nature of the military installation on Orford Ness.

What follows is a psychological thriller as a long-hidden cold war plot is brought kicking and screaming into the light of day with chilling consequences for all involved.

Inspired by the vast concrete pagodas and the desolate beauty of Orford Ness, this play will open with an immersive theatre experience on the Ness itself and then tour the eastern region.

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The play will be performed on Orford Ness 24 - 25 June 2017. Booking information and times will be on this website.

Anglia Mist Promotion Orford Ness

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Orford Ness has been the home and inspiration for many art projects. Several sound recordings and videos have captured the unique atmosphere of the Ness.