Can you help?

AWRE Laboratory HQ Orford Ness

We're currently building an audio archive from people who worked on Orford Ness involved in its military activities. We're therefore keen to talk to anyone who has experience of any of the work carried out during that period.

The National Trust is seeking to create an audio archive to contain the experiences of those involved in the wide range of military trials carried out on the Ness. We believe it is vital to record memories about such an important part of the UK’s military history. This will enable future generations to explore the history and significance of this iconic Suffolk site by listening first hand to those who worked there.
We are hoping to meet people who worked for organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, Royal Aircraft Establisment, Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Royal Air Force and Cobra Mist. We are also keen to meet those involved who built, equipped, and maintained the various test laboratories and infrastructure.
If you can help, please contact our Archivist by initially speaking to us at Orford Ness on 01394 450900 or email Orford Ness
Thank you.