Join the Orford Ness team

Meeting and greeting on the quay at Orford Ness

If you are interested in military history, wildlife or just want to help out on this special place, we'd love to here from you.,

Get involved

Have an interesting day on the Ness, greeting and guiding visitors, and helping to open and close the site? Our trail rangers are vital in making sure our visitors have a great day out and we are always ready to welcome more.
Many of our rangers also get involved in other important work on the Ness such as helping with the sheep, maintaining buildings, keeping paths clear and maintaining this website.
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Tell us more

If you worked here or know anything about the history of the site or have any documents or artefacts we'd love to hear from you.

Contact us

If you're interested in helping out contact the ranger team on 01394 450900 or if you prefer email us at

For general information on volunteering select link below.