Latest news from Orford Ness

Visit Island of Secrets, a new display for 2019 covering military activities on Orford Ness through the 20th century. There is also Sensitive Chaos a new exhibition by the artist Antony Lyons. Several tours are on offer and they are filling up fast.

" Can we put a gun in a plane? Were they really dropping nuclear bombs in Suffolk?"
- National Trust

New Exhibition - Island of Secrets

A new exhibition in the NAAFI/ RDF Receiver building will answer these and many other questions. The words of employees who worked here have been incorporated into a timeline of military experiments carried out in the 20th century. The exhibition also features audio-visual content featuring the actual voices of those who worked here. The content can be accessed via your smart phone or the touch screen tablet inside the exhibition. For more information see NAAFI and the Island of Secrets exhibition.


Daytime Photography Tour

The tour scheduled for 18 August is fully booked. Why not consider an overnight tour - see below?

Overnight Photography Tour 21 September

A very special chance to photograph Orford Ness in the morning and evening light. Stay overnight with the rest of Sunday available to continue photographing until 4pm. You will be guided and supervised by rangers from the site and a professional photographer. For more details see the What's on page.

Trailer Tours on Orford Ness

We are offering more trailer based tours of the Ness on 6 July, 3 August. and 7 September. These last for about three hours and stop at key points on the main Red Route with access to the AWRE Cold War weapons testing area. The tours will pass through the area normally off limits to visitors and as close to the buildings as possible. For more details see the What's on page.

Bombs and Beasties Tours - 20 July, 10 August and 14 September

A five minute boat ride leads to a five mile walk and talk with a ranger, looking at various aspects of this unique site - once a top secret military test site now a National Nature Reserve. Will include access to the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment area not normally open to the public. These tours are very popular so see the What's on page for more information and availability..

Conservation in action - Moth Mornings and Bird Ringing Mornings

There will be opportunities this year to see the moths on Orford Ness on 20 July and 10 August. Take a closer look and learn to love our mostly night flying friends. See the moth trap being opened and observe the many species found on the Ness.

Also join our licenced bird ringers from the Landguard Bird Observatory to see close up the variety of birds found on the Ness. See how they are monitored and learn about this important part of our work. These are running on 14 September and 12 October.

For more details see the What's on page.



Would you like to volunteer on Orford Ness?

Become a Ranger or help behind the scenes. Whatever you do you will always learn something new about this intriguing place and enjoy your time here. For more information see Join the Orford Ness team or for general information on volunteering, see the link at the bottom.

What else is happening on the Ness

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Policy for drones on Orford Ness

Please note that the use of drones is not permitted on the Ness. See here for full details.