Latest news from Orford Ness

We are now open Saturdays only and the staff and volunteers are looking forward to meeting you. Latest news on planned events for 2017 will appear here and in the What's on section. This will be updated as new events are agreed.

Anglia Mist

Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company will be presenting the premier of this play on Orford Ness on 24 June. See here for more information about the play and see the What's on page for timing and how to book. There are still seats available, especially on Sunday 25 June.  

Britain's Nuclear Bomb: The inside story

Orford Ness featured in this BBC FOUR documentary about the research leading up to the explosion of Britain's first megaton hydrogen bomb. This was broadcast on 3 May but is available on iPlayer until 2 June.

Opening times for 2017

We are open Saturdays only until 24 June. Then Tuesday to Saturday from 27 June to 30 September and back to Saturdays only in October.

Bombs and Beasties Tours

To book and check for any new dates see the What's on page.

Photography Tours

Check for any new dates on the What's on page.

The sheep are back on the Ness

They have been very productive this year and you can see the lambs on the Ness.

Conservation in Action - Bird Ringing & Moth Mornings

Work continues though the closed season and the experts will be on hand again in 2017 to give more demonstrations.