Photography Tours Orford Ness

We are offering a number of photographic tours to help you capture the unique atmosphere of Orford Ness. You will be accompanied by rangers and expert photographers. We are also offering sessions covering basic camera skills.

Quote from John Griffin – Photo Tour Guide

With today’s highly advanced camera technology anyone can take a picture of what Orford Ness looks like but our experienced photo tour team will help to engage you with the site at a deeper level so you can take pictures of what the place feels like.”

Daytime Photographic Tours

You will join a rare expedition to spend a whole day on Orford Ness including working in the Cold War Atomic Weapons Research Establishment area. You will be accompanied by rangers from the site who have been photographing it for many years. Their combined experience and knowledge will help you get the most out of the day by offering historical knowledge of the site and creative and technical advice. We are running several of these day time sessions during the year.

Night Time Tours

In addition to the above, you will experience the rare opportunity of spending the night on Orford Ness with a very special chance to photograph Orford Ness in the morning and evening light. Stay overnight with the rest of Sunday available to continue photographing up until 4pm. You will be guided and supervised by rangers from the site and a professional photographer who has been photographing the site for many years.

Camera Skills Workshop

Confused by the technicalities of photography? Disappointed when pictures in your mind don't match the photo you end up with? Learn how to get the best out of your camera in the inspiring landscape of Orford Ness.
Join experienced photographer and Orford Ness’ resident shepherd Andrew as he guides you through the techniques to make the very best out of your photography.

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