Sensitive Chaos on Orford Ness

Artist Antony Lyons was busy over the winter months 2018-9, gathering and recording material for his environmental art exhibition ‘Sensitive Chaos’ that was on Orford Ness 2019

Antony used four rooms in the Information Building for his creative installation Sensitive Chaos. The exhibition was a work in progress and visitors could see the process of creating the final installation, which had elements in various locations around the site.

Antony was on site over the previous two years exploring and absorbing the sights and sounds of the Ness and created some stunning images, videos and soundscapes.

He created imaginative geo-poetic responses, influenced by changing ecologies and cultural stories. The installation he created on site used film, sound and voices to reflect the slow shifting and drifting landform of the Ness, exploring the site’s heritage of battling: whether that be against the dramatic sea around it, or its more literal military history. Linked to an academic project called ‘Heritage Futures’, he aimed to portray the intimate drama and atmosphere of Orford Ness, whilst also contemplating some of the challenges of ongoing change and future management of the site. A thought-provoking exhibition.

Supported by Arts Council England and Heritage Futures, and part of the series ‘Limbo Landscape Lab’.