Structures you will pass on your walk

Many of the buildings on Orford Ness are open to visitors. Some of these are designated as Listed Buildings or Scheduled Ancient Monuments. Do go in and learn more about this special place, its history and the people who worked here. Use them to gain an elevated position for a different perspective of the Ness.

Information Building

Information Building Orford Ness
Orford Ness Information Building

This former site headquarters, briefly the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment administrative base, then became the security office and a telephone exchange. Now you can look inside and find displays about the island and a real (decommissioned) atomic bomb. Don't forget to write a comment in the visitor book.

" A wonderful exhibition! Many thanks for a great day."
- Orford Ness visitor 2015

Bomb Ballistics

Bomb Ballistics on Orford Ness
Bomb Ballistics on Orford Ness

Built in 1933 to house advanced technical equipment, this was the centre of operations for the bombing range. In use for over 40 years you can learn how the bombing range operated and evolved at the forefront of ballistics testing. Climb to the roof for a panoramic view across the shingle.

Black Beacon

Climb The Black Beacon for views across the sea and shingle
The Black Beacon on Orford Ness

Built to house an experimental radio apparatus, this enigmatic building housed a secret - a marine navigation beacon to the outside world but in reality a homing beacon for military aircraft. This area was later the site of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment technical HQ and telemetry station, which have been demolished. Climb to the upper level viewing station for views across the sea and shingle.

Power House

The Power House standing beside the Black Beacon supplied the enormous amount of power needed.
Power House and Black Beacon on Orford Ness

Standing next to the Black Beacon, yet built four years after it, the generator inside supplied power to the 'marine navigation beacon'. The beacon had been powered from elsewhere on site - why did it need a generator now? A power cable also ran out to the newly built Bomb Ballistics building some distance away. Look inside to learn about the spit's natural history.

Control Room and Hard Target

Hard Target on Orford Ness
Hard Target on Orford Ness

Built in 1956, the Control Room functioned initially as the control centre for Laboratory 1, before becoming control room for the Hard Target Impact facility. The room now contains displays about AWRE.

Laboratory 1

Laboratory 1 on Orford Ness.
Laboratory 1 on Orford Ness. The first atomic weapon test cell

Again completed in 1956, this was the first of six atomic weapons test cells constructed by AWRE from Aldermaston. It was used for for both mechanical and vibration testing and for drop tests.

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