Walk the trails on Orford Ness

After your welcome by an experienced ranger, follow the waymarked trails through the internationally rare and protected vegetated shingle, salt-marsh, mud-flats and brackish lagoons. See the wide range of birds and plants on the Ness. The red route is open on all open days but access to the blue and green routes is restricted to protect the wildlife during the breeding season.

Self guided trails

Red Route

Walk the main route in spring and summer or wait until after the breeding season for more trails to open. The red route, mainly on tarmac roads, is open whenever the site is open to visitors. It passes through the site of the WWI airfield , now home to marshland birds.  It then crosses Stony Ditch on the Bailey Bridge to the vegetated shingle habitats where some paths are shingle and uneven.

Because of Government restrictions most of the buildings remain closed - follow the link below for more detail. About 5 miles (8km) but can be shortened.

Blue route

Open seasonally once young birds have fledged from Airfield Marsh, the blue route is a peaceful extension of the red route. Although a concrete road this route can be flooded after heavy rain.

It will get you closer to some of the military structures used in the First World War, including those associated with radar. About 0.5 mile (1km) extension to red route. Call 01728 648024 to check if open before visiting.

" Very peaceful and atmospheric."
- Orford Ness Visitor 2015

Green route

Open once the breeding season is over, the green route will take you out into King's Marsh. This peaceful and remote trail will also take you close to the Cobra Mist site.  This route is uneven and muddy in places.

There's no access to the Cobra Mist site itself, as it's not cared for by us, but there’s still lots to see. About a five kilometre (three mile) extension to the red route. Call 01728 648024 to check if open before visiting.

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