Ormesby Hall upper estate walk

Walking trail

Explore Crow Wood and the upper tenant farmer fields on this walk, which takes you over the A174 and into the upper estate on a mix of an open fields and woodland walk. You will be able to see some great views of Ormesby Hall and Middlesbrough. For this walk follow the yellow waymarkers.

The path curves to the right with Nunthorpe in the distance


Map of the upper estate walk with markers


Ormesby Hall Ladgate Lane Middlesbrough TS3 0SR


Starting in the main car park, go west towards to the top of the car park to join the farm track.

Start the walk at the top of the main car park


From the main car park turn right onto the farm track and head towards the farm. Make sure to be on the lookout for the farm animals in the fields.

The fields often have the farmer's sheep and horses grazing


Once you reach the farm, there is a fork in the path. Take the track to the left and stay on the track heading towards the bridge.

Follow the track to the left and past the farmhouse


Cross the bridge over the A174 into the upper fields.

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The walk takes you above the A174


You are now in the upper fields. After leaving the bridge go straight ahead, towards a clump of trees, which you pass on your right.

The upper fields with the small wood ahead


Follow the path as it curves left, making sure you have the hedge on your left hand side and the open field on your right.

The walk continues past the farmer's fields full of crops


Keep to the path as it turns to the right. The trees in the distance are known as the spring clump.

The path curves to the right with Nunthorpe in the distance


At the spring clump, the track splits. Follow it to the left into the next field, making sure to have the hedge on your left.

Spring clump wood


Keep going straight ahead. Keep to the left track on the field besides the hawthorn hedge, so you don't tread on the farmer's crops.

Walk on the side track of the field, past the hawthorn hedge


As you reach the end of the field, in the left corner take the path to the left and keep left, heading down into the woods. These woods are known as Crow Woods.

The walk turns into crow wood


Continue straight ahead through crow woods with the beck down on your right. You will come to a small natural bridge that takes you over some water, then continue following the path.

Walk through the tall trees of Crows Wood


As you come to the end of the woodland path, you will see the A174 ahead of you. At the fork in the path, take the track to the left leading you into the field. Then once on the field track, continue straight ahead.

Crows wood ends as it meets the A174 roadway


Stay on the track passing alongside the tenant farmer's field, with the A174 down on your right. Halfway into the field you will be able to get some good views of Ormesby Hall and Middlesbrough.

Crossing the field opens up views of Middlesbrough and Ormesby Hall


At the end of the field turn right, back across the bridge towards the farm.

The walk takes you back over the A174 bridge


Passing the farm, follow the track and bear right heading back towards the hall.

Walking back towards the hall, offers new views of the parkland


From the farm track turn left into the main car park.

The farm track re-connects you to the car park


Ormesby Hall Ladgate Lane Middlesbrough TS3 0SR

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Ormesby Hall upper estate walk

How to get here

Ormesby Hall Ladgate Lane Middlesbrough TS3 0SR
By road

From A19 take A174 to A172. From Guisborough, the hall is west of the A171, head towards Ormesby / Middlesbrough and please follow brown direction signs for cars.

Ormesby Hall upper estate walk

Facilities and access

  • Car park
  • Cafe and toilets - open days only - admission applies