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Blue skies loom over the farm track at Ormesby
Look out for sheep and horses when walking along the farm track | © National Trust / Leni Ella
North East

Ormesby Hall short estate walk

Enjoy a short and easy walk in a smaller corner of woodland, through the churchyard and around some of the tenant farmer's fields. Look out for wildlife and farm animals along the way.

Total steps: 12

Total steps: 12

Start point

Ormesby Hall car park, TS3 0SR

Step 1

Starting in the main car park, go to the top of the car park field and turn left onto the farm track. As you walk, you will see our natural play area and formal garden on your left behind the trees and hedge. The tenanted fields will be on your right. Follow the track towards the church.

Step 2

Follow the track towards the church and bear left. The garden is still on your left. You will pass the overflow car park on your right and the stables straight ahead.

Step 3

At the overflow car park turn right and head down the drive towards the bridge with the main house behind you and the stable block to your left. As you pass the hedge and stone wall you will be passing through the wooden gate on the right.

Step 4

Go through the wooden gate and follow the woodland walk until you come to a fork in the path. Turn left and head towards the mini waterfall and beck.

Step 5

Walk towards the mini waterfall running underneath Church Lane. Please be aware of the higher ground above the beck. Follow the narrow path crossing over the beck and towards Church Lane. Before leaving the woodland, check the road for cars and then turn right, heading up Church Lane towards St Cuthbert's Church, Ormesby.

Step 6

Walk up the Church Lane path towards St Cuthbert's Church.

Step 7

Pass under the church gate and into the churchyard where you will be welcomed by the beautiful St Cuthbert's Church. Follow the church path straight ahead.

Step 8

As you reach the west end of the churchyard, stop on the path before you pass through the gate to see the Pennyman graves. Once ready, continue through the gate and turn left on the farm track, walking towards the silver kissing gate.

Step 9

Walk through the kissing gate and follow the path straight up.

Step 10

As you reach the end of the path turn right and follow the route in between the field and hedgerow. You will walk above the A174 dual carriageway, but make sure you look to the north and south for views of the lower and upper estate.

Step 11

As you walk along the upper path, take time to pause and enjoy the view of the hall and garden below. Continue along the path and when you come to the end turn right onto the farm track, leaving the bridge passing over the A174 behind you.

Step 12

Keep on the farm track and bear right, passing the farmhouse and farm on your left. Then keep following the farm track back until you reach the main car park.

End point

Ormesby Hall car park, TS3 0SR

Trail map

Map of Ormesby Hall short estate walk
Map of Ormesby Hall short estate walk | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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