Conservation in action at Packwood House

Conserving our bible commentary at Packwood House, Warwickshire.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to maintain Packwood? From the New Year come and see the conservation work we do happening live around the house.

It takes a lot of work to take care of the house and its collection. As we are now open 363 days a year we bring all of this work from behind closed doors for you to see. 

Our collection of European tapestries, Tudor treasures and our lay figurine are just some of the items you will be able to see how we care for around the property. 

Every day before 12pm and all day Wednesday you will be able to see and interact with our Conservation and Engagement Assistants and volunteers working to care for Packwood and its collection. 

There is over 400 years of history at Packwood House. First built in the Sixteenth Century, and lived in until 1880, by the Fetherston family, Packwood was updated as tastes changed. It was not until Graham Baron Ash took control of the property in 1925 that Packwood started being back dated and filled with the collection to create the Tudor manor you see today.  

Repair works being carried out on Queen Margaret's bed by the textile conservator, Victoria Allan.
Textile conservator Victoria Allan working on Queen Margarets bed at Packwood House, Warwickshire.
Repair works being carried out on Queen Margaret's bed by the textile conservator, Victoria Allan.

Having been owned and cared for by the National Trust since 1941, Packwood’s house and collection fight a daily battle against dust, light and pests; but the Trust has a team of specialised conservators, curators and conservationists that help us look after the collection, and when required repair the items. 

" The National Trust was incorporated for the purposes of promoting the permanent preservation for the benefit of the nation of lands and tenements of beauty or historic interest and as regards lands for the preservation… of their natural aspect features and animal and plant life."
- National Trust Act 1907

As a charity, the National Trust believes in looking after our special places forever, for everyone. We are unable to do this without our fantastic supporters, who enable us to carry out the conservation work that you will be able to see around the property. If you would like to find out how you can, and already do, support our conservation work, please click on the give button below.

Apple blossom and a honey bee in the fruit orchard at Cotehele, Cornwall


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