Local schools get gardening at Packwood House

School children gardening at Packwood House, Warwickshire

Our Head Gardener, Mick Evans, is keen to get young people and schools involved with the garden. Mick says we have a resource both in the garden itself and the team’s horticultural knowledge.

School gardeners at Packwood

Sharman's Cross Junior School's Gardening Club has been gardening at Packwood for three years. They've helped to divide and plant snowdrops in Pooltail Copse woodland area.
With the re-instatement of the Kitchen Garden, they've learnt what they can plant to eat. One quarter of the Kitchen Garden is used exclusively by the children to grow pumpkins, sunflowers and nasturtiums.

Visiting local schools

Working in a new role in the afternoons, members of the garden team and the head gardener have visited local schools to talk about gardening opportunities and enhance their outdoor wildlife areas.
Through the success of the National Trust’s careers scheme, the garden team has formed links with Meer Green School, who've joined two activity days: building dams and hurdles to manage the stream beside the lake and to stop the banks of the lake eroding.
Packwood is working to further links with the community, inviting forest school groups to use the activity spaces which have been created in the estate woodland.

Fancy joining us?

Perhaps you have a school group or a scout group that would benefit from working with the gardening team at Packwood? If so, email Sarah Smith or call Sarah on 01564 782024.