Make Packwood House bird feeders at home

Visitors making bird feeders at Packwood House, Warwickshire

Follow our instructions to make your very own bird feeders at home; perfect for feeding the birds in your garden in every season.

  • Take one ordinary pine cone.
  • Attach a 30cm length of green string or cotton to the top frond so that the cone can hang upright freely.
  • Warm up a cheap block of lard to room temperature.
  • Take a mixing bowl and empty approximately one generous handful of bird seed into the base.
  • Put on a pair of washing up gloves and then mix the block of lard in with the bird seed. Once mixed remove gloves and wash them in hot water.
  • Hold the top frond of your pine cone firmly in one hand and with the other hand take a knife and begin spreading the fat and bird seed from the mixing bowl and cover the outside of the pine cone.
  • Once covered evenly all over, tie up the bird feeder to a nearby low hanging tree branch.
  • Hunt around in the garden for some colourful berries and stick them onto the outside of your bird feeder for added decoration.