Outdoor Theatre - Wuthering Heights

A group enjoying a picnic before the performance starts

Join Heartbreak this summer as they perform Emily Jane Brontë’s classic novel, Wuthering Heights, in the beautiful gardens of Packwood on Sat 15 June.

Join Heartbreak productions for this outdoor adaptation of Emily Brontë’s haunting tale of two restless souls as wild and untamed as the bleak Yorkshire moors.

Catherine Earnshaw, the gentlemen’s daughter and Heathcliff, the mysterious orphan, strike up an unlikely friendship as children that blossoms into an unruly and passionate romance. When Catherine marries a man of her own class, Heathcliff is driven to pursue a dark and relentless scheme of revenge.

Driven apart by Cathy’s ambition for social elevation, Heathcliff turns vengeful and sets out to enact a torturous scheme of revenge on the next generation of Earnshaws. Together we hope to unveil the mystery of their unruly and passionate love affair that is reputed to extend beyond the grave.

Join Heartbreak Productions for this outdoor adaptation of Emily Brontё’s haunting tale of two restless souls. Pack a chair or blanket, a picnic, and dress for the weather, as together we exhume a ghostly tale of wandering spirits and reckless liaisons.

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