Packwood's Causeway

A view of the causeway before the work starts

The Great Pool at Packwood measures over three acres, with the causeway, a walk along the dam of the pool leading from the gardens to the parkland.

This drive, and the entrance to the house on this side, were used by Baron Ash as well as the entrance on the east side (now used by visitors) to come and go from Packwood depending on his direction of travel.

The causeway wall has deteriorated and is now endangering the dam which is holding back the water in the Great Pool. It is essential that these sections of the wall are repaired quickly and we were fortunate to receive funding from Natural England to carry out the first phase of this work in 2015. On the lake bed is a water source heat pump, used to heat the house and keep the historic collection safe from environmental harm, including humidity and damp.

Contractors working on the causeway this year.
Work being done on the causeway at Packwood House, Warwickshire

The first phase of work began in August 2015 and was successful in repairing the first 25 metres of wall. In August 2016 work to repair the next 25 metre section during the second phase was successfully completed. After hitting some snags during May through August of 2017 we were able to complete just under 50 metres more. This means in 2018 we should be able to complete the work required and secure the great pool for the next 200 years. Our contractors will be using traditional methods of repair including special mortars, which means works can be restricted by bad weather and frost.

The work being carried out on the causeway last year
The work being carried out on the causeway last year

There will be a break during the repair works over the winter, outside the wildfowl breading season, to allow for site removal and some reed thinning in the northern end of the lake.

All further work to the causeway will be funded by the National Trust. If you wish to make a donation to help us care for Packwood please speak to a member of staff on our Visitor Reception or give the property a call on 01564 782024.