Relax in the garden at Packwood House

Weird & wonderful

Packwood’s contemporary mingled style garden, with herbaceous borders, wildflower meadows and beautiful orchard is the perfect place to dream of carefree days.

During the summer months the gardens at Packwood burst into life with tender perennials filling the borders and the magnificent purple headed alliums line the pathways leading up to the yew garden. The wildflower meadows, full of cow slips, irises and buttercups start to attract bumblebees and fluttering butterflies to the gardens and from late June come and see the roses take centre stage with colours ranging from blush pink to dark red.

Colour always fills the gardens here at Packwood
The gardens at Packwood
Colour always fills the gardens here at Packwood

Outdoor tapestries

A spectacular array of flowers adorns the borders at Packwood, creating a wonderfully rich feast for the eyes - the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful tapestries inside. Packwood's flamboyant flower borders, renowned for their distinctive ‘mingled’ style has evolved through the hands of successive head gardeners. This ‘mingled’ style, which is labour intensive and requires a high level of skill, consists of small groups or single plants being repeated at intervals along the border creating a vivid tapestry of plants crammed closely together.

View of Packwood's flower border on a misty morning
View of Packwood's flower border on a misty September morning
View of Packwood's flower border on a misty morning

Summer highlight

The borders at Packwood come alive during the summer months with a huge variety of flowers crammed along the terrace and wall borders. This great mass of flowers is known as the mingled style and was coined by Victorian horticulturalist John Claudius Loudon. This labour-intensive style, with many small groups of plants which require replacement as soon as they have flowered, means it is very hard to maintain and keeps the garden team very busy during the summer months.

Exploring the garden

Our grounds are looking lovely, but they won’t be quite as you’re used to seeing them. We’ve had a limited number of gardeners for many weeks, while everyone stayed home and stayed safe. To ensure social distancing our yew garden and kitchen garden are closed.

We have a small team in now, but nowhere near what we’re used to, so the gardens aren’t perhaps as well-groomed as you might be expecting. There are some weeds and rough edges; please bear with us as we do what we can as soon as we can, and instead enjoy all the many other pleasures that the grounds and parkland have to offer.