Wednesday wildlife walks

Bird spotting on a woodland walk

Grab those wellies, binoculars and cameras and head out into the great outdoors to discover what wildlife can be found chirping in the hedgerows, soaring overhead or lurking under logs on one of our wildlife walks.

Join us for a guided wildlife walk at Packwood every Wednesday from November - March with one of our resident wildlife enthusiasts. Come and get to know what birds and wildlife can be found in the woodland here at Packwood and learn to identify different types of bird song from our resident and migrating birds.

Winter is a great time to spot wildlife in our outdoor spaces
Blue tit sits in a winter tree

There is a huge amount of wildlife waiting to be discovered from tree creepers to nuthatches, red wings to jack daws and we’ve even spotted (and heard) a greater spotted woodpecker.

Look out for Great Spotted Woodpeckers
Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding young at nest hole

The tour will leave from Visitor Reception at 9.30am and lasts roughly 1 hour taking in Gorse Wood and the surrounding fields. Remember to wrap up warm and we recommend a visit to the Kitchen Garden Café on your return for a warm cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.