Conservation grazing

Cattle at Parke, Devon

Steve Palmer is a local farmer and conservation grazier. Each year he brings a small herd of cattle back to Parke some time during mid-March and the end of April. This year, it was a herd of Charolais x Galloway.

The grassland at Parke is a county wildlife site and as such, there are various agreements in place to which we have to keep, correct grazing by cattle being one of them. Cattle graze in a completely different way to sheep, which allows diverse flower rich swards to develop and by using hardy native livestock, rank and unpalatable grasses are reduced.

The Charolais x Galloway are known for their good nature, calm temperament and naturally good mothering instincts. The cattle have now done their work and Steve has taken the herd away for the winter.

If you'd like to find out more, give AJ a ring on 07403 321501.