Greyface Dartmoor sheep

Greyface Dartmoor sheep at Parke, Devon

You can now see these very attractive sheep in the orchard

We expect to graze the orchard all year round with the Greyface Dartmoor, only taking them off briefly prior to the apple harvest.  You won't see sheep anywhere else at Parke, although you will see cattle or ponies grazing the parkland and other open field areas throughout the year. If you have a dog, we ask you to please keep it under close control when in the orchard.

Inspired by her great great grandmother, Paula Steer started farming the Greyface Dartmoor with her son, Lewis. The Greyface Dartmoor is a rare breed of sheep, indigenous to Dartmoor and descends from the ancient hill sheep that used to graze Dartmoor. It's a hardy breed, with a sturdy long wool and lustrous fleece.

Paula and Lewis promote and protect this 'at risk' breed of sheep, by producing balls of aran wool in beautiful colours and knitted/crocheted sheep and brooches produced from the fleeces.  They also have complete fleeces tanned locally.  The magnificent fleeces and other products are all available to buy at the National Trust gallery at Widecombe-in-the-Moor.