The cattle at Parke

Cattle at Parke, Devon

The cattle grazing season is now over at Parke - local farmer and conservation grazier of many years, Steve Palmer, has now moved his stock off site

The cattle have done a great job grazing down the grassland areas - this hardy breed of Blue Greys are bred by crossing a true Galloway cow with a rare Cumberland White Shorthorn bull.  Blue Grey cattle are known for their good nature, calm temperament and naturally good mothering instincts.

We also benefit, as they are happy to graze on poor, rough, grazing - they reduce the dominance of rushes and tussock forming grasses, which allows extra space and less competition for the finer grasses and flowering plants. This greater diversity of flowering plants in turn leads to a greater diversity of insect life.

The grassland at Parke is a county wildlife site and as such, there are various agreements in place to which we have to keep - correct grazing by cattle being one of them. If you'd like to find out more, get in touch with AJ.