The secret garden

Historically, you had to peer through the portholes on the locked doors, but you can now view the garden between 10.30am-3.30pm almost seven days a week. To get to the main entrance of the walled garden, follow the path from the car park down passed the café and go up the track on the left.

The walled garden at Parke, Devon

The walled garden

A tranquil spot for a stroll and to collect your thoughts.

Tomato plants grown in the walled garden, Parke, Devon

It's time to get planting

You can't beat the flavour of home grown vegetables - why not have a go and grow some in your own garden?

Work in progress in the walled garden at Parke, Devon

A facelift for the polytunnel

It's all happening in the garden - lots of new life and activity.