Loe Bar to Porthleven Coast Path update

Coastal change on the South West Coast Path at Penrose

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has been in contact with support, ideas and offers of help. It’s clear how important this coastal route is to people and it’s been really great to receive so much feedback. I have taken on leading the project, my name is Greg, and I’m sure many of you will know me from your travels around Penrose.

Over the last month work has been split into two main areas. Firstly checking existing wildlife, archaeological and landscape surveys (including underground mine remains) and having some additional ones set up and completed. These help ensure that the new route is designed and completed in a way that respects the important features of this area, that it will be safe, and that the work can be completed without causing damage.

Secondly, lots of site visits and discussion with everyone who is affected by the closure and finding a new route. This has included lots of work with and support from Martin Wallis our farm tenant to talk through options and issues, meeting Cornwall Highways regarding legal Rights of Way issues, SW Coast Path representatives, the Cornwall AONB team, local British Horse Society representatives and Andrew Wallis CC Councillor and Mayor of Porthleven, to name but a few. I have been keeping in touch at Porthleven Town Council meetings as well, and we really appreciate everyones time and suggestions which will help us get a robust, long term solution completed as quickly as possible. I would also like to thank those who attended the recent public meeting in which many useful and interesting opinions and thoughts were raised.

Combining all these various discussions and research has allowed us to put a proposal together which we hope will work well for everyone and we will be sending out another update on the website shortly for those who were unable to attend.

If you have any further comments or ideas regarding what you heard on Saturday, or if you weren't able to attend but wanted to share your thoughts with us, please do let me know via email here


Greg Cross
Ranger, Penrose. 

To download the Penrose trails map with current coastal closure click here