Meet our winter dune residents

cattle grazing paddocks

Cattle have now returned to Portstewart Dunes for their winter break, and will now be on site until the end of April…

Initially 20 cattle will be grazing in Paddock 2 (see map) – which is the fenced enclosure closest to the Golf Course

In terms of future movement of the cattle, we will keep local walkers and visitors informed, with Paddock 1 grazing planned for early New Year.
And it is also hoped to graze the saltmarsh in January/February, subject to tides.  Again walkers will be informed when this happens, through Facebook.

The cattle are a similar breed to previous years, being cross Hereford/Angus young stock.  And have proved themselves at grazing the site, leaving an ideal short grass sward, rich in wild flowers.  This will be the 11th successive year of autumn/winter cattle grazing at Portstewart Dunes.  And without the cooperation of local walkers and visitors, the National Trust would find it very difficult to successfully graze the dunes.  This time period has also allowed the National Trust and tenant farmer to see what works best at Portstewart – with hardy young cattle clearly most suited to the site