Something for all weather

Bodyboarding at Portstewart Strand

The beauty of Portstewart Strand is that it can be enjoyed in all weathers. Pack a picnic and bring the car onto the sand and spend the day building sand castles, playing games or simply relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

The dunes
The dunes behind the strand are a haven for wild flowers and butterflies. Formed around 6,000 years ago, you can find dunes up to 98 feet (30m) high.

Take a walk
Portstewart Strand is the start point for the 33 mile (53km) long Causeway Coast Way to Ballycastle. If you fancy a shorter walk you can choose between walks along the strand or a 2 mile (3.2km) long circular route in the dunes.

The Bann Estuary
Enjoy a quiet break from the busy beach and watch fisherman going up and down the River Bann. The saltmarsh is a haven for different flora and fauna than the dunes.

Wildlife to spot
For everyone who loves birdwatching make sure you find the birdhide across the river Bann. It offers perfect conditions to watch the birds that feed and live in the Bann Estuary.

There's something to see whatever the season. Whales, dolphins and seals can be seen from the beach. And the dunes vibrate in colour with butterflies, moths and wild flowers.

Take to the water
Swimming and surfing are the most popular activities in the water but we also have a designated area for jet skiing. There's also a 110-yard (100m) car free zone in operation with lifeguard service from July to August.

50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4
Are you up for the wild time challenge? Our top five 50 Things at Portstewart Strand include catch a fish, go sledging, catch a crab, bury someone in the sand and hunt for treasure on the beach. Come along and see how many activities you can tick off your 50 Things list.

Grab a snack
An exciting new catering offer, Harry's Shack, has opened in the building at the entrance to the strand. Offering fresh food from an exciting menu, it is proving to be a huge success already. Be sure to drop by next time you are at the beach. We look forward to working with the Harry's Shack team.

Activity providers
On busier days we welcome local providers such as Ocean Warriors for kit rental and tuition here at the strand. Sessions can be booked in advance by contacting them directly. Are you brave enough to take a dip?

Summer fun
In peak season, wetsuits and body boards can be rented from local activity providers on site. Take a walk into the sand dunes and see the other side of this magnificent beach. Search for wild thyme and strawberries, look out for moths and butterflies and enjoy the quieter side of the strand.

Barmouth bird hide
The Barmouth is a nearby nature and wildlife reserve and a haven to migrant waterfowl, waders and nesting birds throughout the year. It offers an excellent opportunity to watch local wildlife. Depending on the time of year, you can expect to find curlew, redshank and mallards. Keys to the bird-hide are available from Hezlett House.