Our work at Quebec House

Inside the drawing room at Quebec House, Kent

Conserving Quebec House is an ongoing project, which is why we put all the income from the property back into its care so that it will be enjoyed for years and years to come.

Wolfe's story

We're continually uncovering new information on General Wolfe and the history of the house, and we're updating our exhibitions and guide cards regularly to keep you informed and aware of our exciting findings.


All of the income we generate at Quebec House is spent on the upkeep of the building and collection. Volunteers assist with many projects and more complex work happens off site over the winter months.

Local community

We work with the people of Westerham on a range of heritage projects. In the past we have been involved in the Westerham Festival helping with special exhibitions and community events.

Our latest arrival

We have a new rush mat in the Hall at Quebec House which looks and smells beautiful. With it we will be able to assist in preserving and maintaining the house, so we don't even mind that we have to water it each week to keep it hydrated.