The garden in autumn at Quebec House

Autumn blooms in the garden at Quebec House, a National Trust property in Kent

Our garden may be small but it's bursting with seasonal blooms. We've spoken to gardener Claire about her autumnal highlights and what new things we can expect to see this season.

Is there anything new in the garden for autumn?

We'll be planting lots of autumn flowering bulbs: lutea sternbergia - the winter daffodil, the fiery Dutch iris autumn princess and the delicate geranium tuberosum to name a few.

We'll also be adding allium sphaerocephalon, otherwise known as round-headed garlic, to the rose border. There's plenty going on!

What’s your favourite thing about the garden in autumn?

My favourite thing about the garden in Autumn is seeing the light shining through the branches of the trees as the leaves become less dense and the colour of the leaves turning from cold greens to warm shades of red.

What’s looking good at this time of year?

Well. It’s all looking fairly lovely; I particularly like the anemones as they are staying bright and strong while the rest of the vegetation begins its journey to dormancy.

The apples trees look bountiful right now. Have you got any apple harvesting tips?

 Apples will ripen from the outside (near the sun) to the centre (shaded for longer). Clues for their ripeness are their colour, texture and readiness to pick. Rotate and gently twist and they should separate from the branch without any real force.

Any autumn gardening tips?

Many think that the autumn and winter are quiet seasons in the gardeners calendar but this is the perfect time for prepping, plotting, planning and scheming for the following year.

Beds need tidying, greenhouses need cleaning, compost needs turning/emptying and lawns should have an autumn care programme.