After School Gardening Club at Rainham Hall

Our youngest volunteers at Rainham Hall form a group called the After School Gardening Club, who help out our Community Gardener on a weekly basis.

" My favourite thing in gardening club is planting plants and helping them grow"
- Julia, aged 8 years old


The group started when a couple of the children came along to an event to build a bug house in Spring 2016 with our Community Gardener, Jesse Lock. They enjoyed the experience so much that they came back every week after school to see if they could help in the garden. Being local to Rainham, Jesse hatched a plan for them to volunteer on a regular basis after school. And so, the After School Gardening Club was formed.

Over time the children in the group brought more of their friends with them and the club expanded. They carry out a variety of tasks in the Garden; from watering and harvesting, to building insect houses and making garden decorations. One of the volunteers, Julia, age 8, explains a day in the life of an After School Gardener in her short story below:

“Once upon a time there lived three girls called Elena, Julia and Matylda, and they played in a beautiful garden. In that garden you had lots of adventures and everyday everyone planted plants. One day Elena, Julia and Matylda went to the garden and Jesse (the gardener), told them that today they were supposed to plant plants. Jesse took his seeds and a bucket of water and a spade. Elena, Julia and Matylda dug some holes and put the seeds in and put the ground on top and tapped it. And they put water and they went home and in a week they came back and the plant had grown so tall that it’s grown taller than Jesse. They were really happy. Jesse said let's have some biscuits and they had a biscuit each. The End.”

If you and your children are interested in getting involved in the Garden at Rainham Hall, please look out for our events during the school holidays or get in contact with our Community Gardener, Jesse Lock: