Transforming the Stable Block

In October 2015, the Stable Block at Rainham Hall opened to the public for the first time as a café and community space following a two year conservation programme. The project revealed that this eighteenth century building had undergone a series of complicated alterations throughout its history.

Constructed in the early eighteenth century, the Stable Block at Rainham Hall includes a stables with hayloft above and an adjacent brewhouse. Prior to the conservation project, the building had been in disrepair and on the Historic England at Risk Register. It had been completely inaccessible to the public.

The timelapse film above illuminates the extent of work undertaken to the roof incluing timber repairs and a retiling. During the project a temporary staircase adjoined to the scaffolding allowed visitors the chance to see the work up close during a number of 'Hard Hat' tours. It became clear when work started that the roof had undergone various repairs and rebuilds in its history leaving it with a poor structural integrity.