The Mise-en-scène of Isolation: a photographic response to the ethos and aesthetic of Anthony Denney

When the Covid-19 lockdown cancelled London College of Fashion's artist residency at Rainham Hall, this Denney-inspired project transformed into an opportunity to capture this unique moment of isolation for 25 MA Fashion Photography students in locations across the world.

The production dates remained in place and so the students created Denney-inspired photographs and collages from wherever they were spending lockdown between 16 - 21 April, from London, China, Brazil, India and Lebanon, to name a few. Former resident of Rainham Hall from 1964-69, Anthony Denney was an influential photographer and interior designer, and the subject of current exhibition, The Denney Edition.

The diverse body of work created draws from all aspects of Denney's photographs and design style, from his use of warm, golden hour colours, to immaculately arranged still lifes and interiors, to his quirky use of models and accessories in fashion photography. 

Creating a 'peaceful palace' at home in Shanxi, China
A black and white photograph of a Chinese girl looking out of an open window, with a plant balanced on the horizontal window pane.
Creating a 'peaceful palace' at home in Shanxi, China
" The students engaged in a creative interpretation of the ethic and aesthetic of Anthony Denney in their immediate environment and circumstances in a range of international time zones simultaneously. "
- Paul Bevan, MA Fashion Photography Course Leader, Subject Director: Media and Communication, London College of Fashion, UAL

Speaking on the rearranged nature of the project, course leader Paul Bevan said "The project embraced a notion of the 'interior' and the 'mise en scène in a way that suitably extended Denney's discourse into different spaces, places and material cultures. The students found new manners of contemplation, reference and resourcefulness that embraced Denney's manifesto but also collectively respond to the new world order."

A digitally edited photoseries inspired by Denney's playful use of models.
From the bottom of the photograph, appears a heeled shoe in kicking a martini glass against a purple background
A digitally edited photoseries inspired by Denney's playful use of models.

After the reopening of Rainham Hall, post-lockdown later in 2020, this work will be installed in The Denney Edition, alongside original photographs by Anthony Denney.