Digital Youth Project at Rainham Hall

The major £2.5 million conservation and interpretation project at Rainham Hall, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, presented a great opportunity to explore the building's history through digital media, telling our stories in an accessible way while engaging with young people who were keen to explore local heritage through modern technology.

One of our main aims was to create a film which enabled visitors to access parts of the building that they might not be able to see normally, but we also wanted to support skills development in young people and help them feel engaged with, and connected to, Rainham Hall.

12 students aged 13-18, from three local secondary schools, joined us as part of the digital youth project. Facilitated by Elstree Film Design, over the course of the week the young people were able to work closely with professional filmmakers to gain a wide range of skills and experiences, including how to plan a shoot, discovering the types of roles you can do in film, and using high-quality filmmaking and editing equipment. The project was designed to be youth-led, with the participants involved in every stage, from initial concept, script writing and storyboarding to filming and editing. This encouraged the group to contribute a range of ideas and experiences, and to produce this wonderful new film.