Denney's Christmas at Rainham Hall

Each Christmas, The Denney Edition combines the world of classic design with all the festive glitz and glamour of a well-dressed Georgian home, recreating Denney's Christmas decorations of 1968.

Denney dressed and photographed Rainham Hall in 1968 for the Christmas edition of Queen Magazine, now Harpers Bazaar. The article, written by Hugh Johnson, was titled 'The Perfect English Home'. It described the beauty of Rainham Hall at Christmas:

" Rainham at Christmas, with night-lights flickering in the windows, fire-light gleaming on gilt, the desserts and cordials of Georgian England in the dishes and glasses"
- Hugh Johnson, Queen Magazine 1968

For December, the elegant three-storey red brick Georgian house is transformed, offering a chance to see the magic of Denney’s Christmas design come to life before your eyes.

Festive flowers

A dedicated team of volunteers create seasonal floral arrangements, inspired by Japanese style ikebana, a favourite of Denney. Since being trained by floral design studio Worm London, the volunteers have made hundreds of arrangements, bringing new life to the Hall every week with flowers picked from our garden.

For Christmas, they put their skills to recreating Denney’s decorations, photographed in 1968, whilst adding their own designs, too.

Picture perfect

‘A Denney Inspired Christmas’ is part of a two-year long series of events from 2019-2021 introducing the fascinating life and work of this former Rainham Hall resident, 1960’s Vogue photographer and design icon.