History and Art Learning Resources

Visitors can learn about eighteenth century handwriting

During this closure of Rainham Hall, the following learning resources are free to download. Topics include the local history and art inspiration from the Hall.

Our exhibitions showcase a different former resident of Rainham Hall, from the early 18th century, to the Second World War, to the 1960's. Though these resources take inspiration from our exhibitions, they relate broadly to these times in British history. We have also created some art inspiration and colouring sheets. 


Early 18th century: Captain John Harle, naval merchant and founder of Rainham Hall

Information on Captain John Harle, the original owner of Rainham Hall, built in 1729. 

As part of our John Harle exhibition (on show 2015-2016) we re-imagined the 'Lloyd's List', which was a weekly journal containing shipping news and would have been found in eighteenh century coffee houses:

18th century trade information sheet (PDF / 1.4482421875MB) download

Second World War: The Day Nursery at Rainham Hall

Read more about the day nursery at Rainham Hall during the Second World War and early 1950's. 


The 1960's: Influential Vogue photographer and designer Anthony Denney

Information on Anthony Denney, the 1960's resident of Rainham Hall, and influential photographer and interior designer.