Jermaine Gallacher's design installation

Contemporary interior designer Jermaine Gallacher was invited as a guest curator for one room of The Denney Edition, following a temporary installation at Rainham Hall.

In March 2019, interior designer Jermaine Gallacher was tasked with re-imagining Denney’s style in the Hall, a new take on the brief Denney was handed by the National Trust in 1964. Interiors and still life photographer Oskar Proctor captured this bold new look for the Hall.

Following this temporary installation, their work remains in The Denney Edition: one room has been styled by Gallacher, while in another, Proctor's photographs are projected alongside Denney's. This collaboration brings the Hall into a new light, allowing our visitors the chance to relax in a living room, similar to how Denney himself may once have styled it. 

A dressed room by Jermaine Gallacher
Jermaine Gallacher dressed room at Rainham Hall
A dressed room by Jermaine Gallacher

Drawing on Denney’s design rules for choosing and arranging furniture, soft furnishings and objets d’art, Gallacher seamlessly combines an innate artistic aesthetic with his abilIty to source offbeat furniture and objet d’art to create truly one-off interiors. 

" I am so thrilled to be part of this exhibition, Anthony Denney was such an important and influential figure in the world of design and interiors, but perhaps most important of all, he had the most impeccable taste. I will be exploring the work of Denney’s fabulous interiors, the rooms will be my interpretation and re-imagination of his past works, I can’t wait for you to see them!"

During the temporary installation, the Hall was open to the public on for visitors to see the rooms as they had been dressed by Gallacher. Works by Chris Page and Ksenia Pedan were also on display, with floral arrangements by local florists, Minoux Flowers.

A big thank you to the design dealers who lent their stock:


The Denney Edition: celebrating an icon of 20th century style

In partnership with a host of designers and local craftspeople, the Hall has been transformed into a ‘living magazine’ to showcase Denney’s life and work. Exhibits include objects and photographs from Denney’s personal life, with spaces representing themes of fashion, jewellery, arts, interiors, food, gardening, and travel.