Patterns of Inspiration: A Textile Art Exhibition by The Material Girls

An assortment of different sized and shaped textile cushions of various earthy tones, oranges, yellows, browns. They are each differently patterned as well, with printed repeat patterns and embroidered details.

Opening Saturday 1 February, Patterns of Inspiration shares textile and mixed media art by long-time collaborators The Material Girls, inspired by the modern art collection of Denney.

The Material Girls are back, this time having been inspired by Anthony Denney's modern art collection that was once housed at Rainham Hall. This free exhibition is a celebration of pattern and colour, featuring work by the 10 members of the artist collective, who work in a diverse range of textile and mixed media techniques.

The London/Essex-based group.were formed in 2001 by Chris Spencer, having realised that there was a lack of focus for textile artists once they had left college. She decided to bring together a group of textile artists and create opportunities to exhibit in Havering. 

Since then, The Material Girls have gone from strength to strength, not just collaborating on collective projects but also creating themed personal bodies of work. Their work has been shared far beyond the borough, having exhibited elsewhere in the UK, the Channel Islands and across Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, in diverse venues. 

The collective are no strangers to Rainham Hall, having been a key creative partner in all three Hall exhibitions since opening. 'Patterns of Inspiration' follows the success of their two previous stand-alone exhibitions in the Hayloft: ‘With the Compliments of Captain John Harle’ (2016) and 'Goodnight Children Everywhere’ ( 2017). 

After intensive research the Material Girls have created a selection of work inspired by Denney's modern art collection. This work, both textile and mixed media, will be displayed to reflect the many other areas of Denney’s life as can be seen within the Hall itself. It will also include workbooks showing how the pieces were developed from research and inspiration through to finished piece .

The exhibition is free to enter, open Wednesdays to Sundays 11am - 4pm from 1 to 16 February. Join us for the opening weekend to meet the artists on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 February. 

The Material Girls have also made pieces featured in The Denney Edition itself so visit the Hall to see more of their work.