Play Days: Textile art installation

An art installation piece inspired by 'play days' at the Rainham Hall nursery

Local artist, Connie Flynn, created a textile art piece in reponse to the exhibition 'Remembering the Day Nursery at Rainham Hall'. Her work, entitled 'Play Days', was a temporary installation in November 2017. Please note this is a past event. 

The artist, Connie Flynn, researched playtime memories from the children who went to Rainham Hall nursery and collected ideas listed on our ‘Recollecting your nursery days’ exhibition sheets. Using recycled red children's aprons, Connie reflected and represented memories of play. The installation was set against the backdrop of the Hall, temporarily part of the exhibition.

About the artist

Connie Flynn is an Essex based artist. Her multi-skilled practice has evolved through experimenting and combining traditional techniques and modern practices. Using a variety of materials to work with both hand and machines skills. Connie’s practice consists of processes which can often represents social, cultural concepts in a textile history framework, crossing cultural and contextual boundaries between traditional craft and contemporary art.

Connie has formal teacher training, a BA (Hons) Art and Education, and Post Graduate qualification in Art Therapy, as well as extensive experience of residencies, school and community contexts, working with all ages and abilities. She recently completed a second BA (Hons), gaining a distinction in Contemporary Textiles in Shetland, as a way of learning new skills to combine with other techniques.