Rainham at the Centre of the World Project

In 2012, Rainham Hall embarked on a major conservation and interpretation project to transform the site and open it fully to the public for the first time.

Rainham at the Centre of the World is the project title used since 2012 for the major capital works programme to transform the Hall, Gardens and Stable Block, which are situated in the heart of Rainham village in Havering, East London.

Rainham Hall has been owned by the National Trust since 1949, but it was a tenanted property open only one afternoon per week from 1954 until 2011. When the last tenants moved out, a project formed to rescue the dilapidated Stable Block, to add new visitor facilities such as toilets and a great café, to tame the outdoor wilderness into a Community Garden, and to research and interpret the Hall for future generations to enjoy.  

The Heritage Lottery Fund supported the project with a grant of £1.5 million, and with additional funding secured from Biffa Award and Veolia North Thames Trust, the project began. Engaging local people and establishing a new staff and volunteer team has been central to our work. We opened fully for the first time on 7 October 2015, thanks to the hard work of our contractors, team members and with support from all of our stakeholders. The 'making of' video above provides a overview of the transformation at Rainham Hall.